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Every year in Ukraine, the number of single mothers who are forced to live with their children on the streets for various reasons increases and especially now in wartime, the problem is becoming even more urgent.


According to the UNО statistics a total of 9,078 civilians were killed in the war, including 4,148 men and 2,476 women and 8,791 military personnel. It is hard to imagine how many children have been orphaned. Building a home where orphaned mothers and children can find temporary shelter and support is extremely important. Such a space can provide them with safety, comfort and the opportunity to restore their emotional and psychological well-being.


The official opening took place on September 1, 2023, so educators are actively working with children, improving their emotional state and development, and qualified teachers and psychologists have started teaching children in equipped classrooms for different age groups. In addition to the school program, children have the opportunity to study various disciplines and advanced English. We also do a lot of psychological and spiritual work with the mothers who come to us.


The work of qualified psychologists will help mothers to survive traumatic events, as well as children to overcome stress and difficult emotions related to the situation of war and loss. Opportunities to learn new skills and training will help children integrate into normal life when they grow up. This may include education, vocational courses and other opportunities for self-development.


This project demonstrates the needs and challenges faced by mothers and children in war and difficult life circumstances. We can and must influence many lives and will do everything in our power to build a better future for those who need support the most.


Our goal is to create a safe place for mothers and children, for orphans, so that they feel like they are in a cozy home where they are loved and accepted. That's why we are always looking for qualified specialists to join our headquarters and people who are willing to invest time or money. We are constantly strengthening ourselves as the number of applications is growing every day. But thanks to all those who have the desire in their hearts to be a part of this good cause and those who join us, we have the resources to move forward!


Mothers come to us because of domestic violence and poverty. Sometimes, the relevant authorities bring children whose parents have abandoned them, so our mission is to prevent orphanhood and do everything possible to reunite a full-fledged family. In cooperation with the maternity hospital, we receive information about mothers who are going to abandon their children at birth in the hospital. Most of the mothers agree to rehabilitate their families, and by coming to us voluntarily, they give us another chance to restore relationships with their children and preserve their families.


Thanks to Giving Hearts Mission and other partners, we were able to build a separate home for mothers with children, which is designed for 70 mothers and 30 children with all the proper conditions, where mothers and their children can feel as comfortable and safe as possible.