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Since February 24, Ukraine has been in full-scale war throughout the country. Shots and the noise of exploding rockets were heard daily and everywhere. The invasion came quite unexpectedly and no one was prepared for it in advance. Panic and anxiety has gripped almost everyone and most people are now making the only decision to leave the country as soon as possible.


Given the fact that the vast majority of the population is below the poverty line, people do not have the funds to travel abroad on their own. Christian Mission «New Life» is not standing by during these difficult times. As part of the «Let's Help You Survive» —  GCS project, the Mission offers evacuation assistance to the Ukrainian-Moldovan border. This is completely free of charge.


If you have decided to leave Ukraine and do not have the opportunity or means to do it yourself, we can help you. At the border, transport to Moldova and further resettlement will be waiting for you.


At this time, our priority is elderly women and mothers with children.


☎ Contact numbers of our volunteers:


+380 94 924 30 99


Viber, Telegram, WhatsApp: 

+380 68 479 33 17


We will also be grateful for your help in the form of diesel fuel, drinking water and non-perishable food.