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For the mission work there is always need in many specially equipped premises for accommodation of people depending on their needs, health, moral status and prescribed treatment, as well as technical premises, office premises and storage facilities.

Today, the building in Odessa where the main mission office, the center for receiving and distribution of the humanitarian aid, a shelter for the elderly, people with disabilities, and a personal recovery center are located, is rented. Rent of premises available to us costs 70 000 UAH monthly. In addition, for some purposes, there is not enough space in this building, and other premises cannot be completely re-equipped to work with a certain contingent of people. Considering all this, we are working on a project for our own mission building, which was originally designed with all the subtleties of helping the homeless, the poor, addicted people, pensioners and women hiding from domestic violence.

Every day, homeless people come to us with requests to take them to an orphanage, often we have to deal with the survival of these people. More than 110 homeless people live in our shelters in Odessa.

Today, there is an acute problem with the lack of a place to accommodate people in need. All the shelters of the New Life Mission are overcrowded.

We found not far from Odessa a house of 400 square meters which can accommodate twice as many people.

There is also a large plot of land for a garden. We plan to raise the farm (chickens, ducks, geese, pigs). All this will make it possible not only to improve nutrition, it will expand our scope of outbound feeding points for homeless people.

All the work in the complex, taking into account the spiritual component will help homeless people quickly return to normal life. And many more lives will be saved and many destinies we will help to change for the better.