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Most ex-prisoners, alcoholics, drug addicts and people with gambling addiction are not happy with the way that they live but they have no idea how to change it. To do this they need skills, support and assistance in overcoming the bad habits and gaining new ones.

Unfortunately in our, as in a number of other, countries the corrections and penal system does everything to punish but nothing to correct the criminals. Thus, criminals make new acquaintances in the criminal world and are set free being angrier, more corrupt and with new skills of theft and deception.

Our centers for social adaptation as well as prisons temporarily isolate a person from society. We often tell those who wish to come to us that we are more like a institution than a resort. Telling about our strict rules, daily routine, no free exit and no personal funds usually weeds out those who need somewhere to sit out, hide or wait for a while. We seek those who really want to change something in their lives.

🆘Поедаемый заживо

A course for social adaptation for everyone at our centers we have psychologists and mentors that work with them to help them overcome alcohol, drug or gambling addiction. They teach the participants skills of communication, behavior in society and financial management.