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Most ex-prisoners, people with alcohol, drug and gambling addictions are disgusted with the lifestyle they lead, but have no idea how to change it. To do this, they need skills, support and assistance in overcoming old habits and acquiring new ones.

Unfortunately, in Ukraine, the penitentiary system of correction and punishment does everything possible to punish, but almost nothing to reform criminals. Thus, criminals make new acquaintances in the criminal world and are released more angry, more agile, with new skills of theft and deception. The Mission's social adaptation centers, just like a prison, isolate a person from society for a certain period of time. We often inform people who want to come to the center that they will find something more like a prison than a resort. Strict rules, daily routine, lack of free access, personal financial means, weed out those who need to sit somewhere, hide, wait for a while. Most of the people who come to us are those who really want to change something in their lives.

People undergo a social adaptation course, psychologists and mentors work with them to help them overcome alcohol, drug or gambling addiction, teach them communication skills, social behavior, financial management, and assist them in restoring their documents, acquiring or restoring professional skills and finding employment. For this category of people, a special program called "Journey to Freedom" has been developed, which lasts for six months and is aimed at helping those who wish to escape from the vicious circle of their circumstances.

The program also includes work with codependents, i.e., with loved ones who, because of their love, fear, or judgment, not only cannot help the addict change, but also worsen their situation, and in some cases are the cause of the current situation. We gradually increase the degree of trust in the person and the degree of freedom so that the person learns self-control, healthy thinking and takes responsibility for his or her actions.