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The program was established in 2015. The program's goal is to provide assistance to socially vulnerable groups of the population, as well as people affected by military operations. 


• Our volunteers regularly collect and send containers of humanitarian goods for distribution among orphanages, churches, rehabilitation centers and missions.


• We organize mobile humanitarian aid collection points in different cities.


• We are doing our best to help the neediest Ukrainians survive, especially now that the war has come to everyone's home. 


Before the war, a huge number of people were already below the poverty line. And today, every day of their lives is practically a struggle for survival. These people are deprived of the most basic necessities — food and clothing. That is why many countries are helping us.


The queues sometimes scare us, and the volunteers can hardly cope with such a flow of people. We try to ensure that those who need help the most get it. We do our best to listen to your advices and report to the police about cases of humanitarian aid trafficking or separatist statements in the crowd. The data of everyone who comes to us is stored. There is video surveillance on the territory of the humanitarian aid collection and distribution points, and you can be sure that after the war such "countrymen" will get what they deserve!

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At the humanitarian aid collection and distribution points, people in need can cover their shortage of clothes, shoes, furniture and other household items. These points are operating thanks to the concern and active participation of Ukrainians. The humanitarian aid in the points is constantly updated by the residents themselves: every day people donate their belongings to help those in need.

People in need can come to the point at the address: 43A Tankistiv Street, Odesa, and receive the necessary assistance. And the volunteers of the New Life Christian Mission will always listen to you and help you to choose the right size clothes and shoes. If it turns out that the necessary item is not available, they will remember this need and if a suitable item appears, they will be able give it.

Everyone who supports the work of the points, helps people in difficult situations and gives hope and a spark of joy to those who are deprived of many benefits. The best reward for this is the gratitude and fire in the eyes of those who are supported.