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The goal of the program is to provide assistance to socially unprotected segments of the population as well as to people affected by hostilities. Our volunteers regularly collect and ship containers with humanitarian supplies for distribution among orphanages, churches, rehabilitation centers and missions. We also organize mobile collection points for humanitarian aid in different cities.

Nowadays a huge number of people live below the poverty line. Every day of their life is a matter of survival to them.

Such people are deprived of the most elementary details - what to eat and what to wear. And if there is no one around who can help, life for them loses its meaning.

In the points of collection and distribution of humanitarian aid, those in need, regardless of the situation in which they find themselves, have the opportunity to cover their shortage in clothes, shoes, furniture and other household items. Such Points function due to the concerning and active participation of the Ukrainians. The residents themselves are constantly updating the humanitarian aid in the Points: every day people give us their things to share with the poor.

At any time the needy can come to the Point and get the necessary help. The volunteers of the Christian Mission “New Life” always listen to people, they help to choose clothes and shoes in size. If it turns out that there is nothing in their size, they take a “note”. If there is a corresponding resource, they are able to cover it.

Everyone who supports the work of the Points helps the people who are in a difficult situation, and without thinking about it, gives hope and a sparkle of joy to those who are deprived of many benefits. The best reward for this is the gratitude and fire in the eyes of those who are supported.