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The project "Share bread with the hungry" is aimed at helping the poor and the homeless in the most basic needs – food and drink. Every day the volunteers of the mission “New Life” distribute hot meals in different regions of Ukraine. After all, many people are forced to come to the food distribution due to their hard fate: simple lack of recources, and being homeless. Our activities are good support for those who feel the need for food. Volunteers always try to cook a delicious and hearty lunch, choosing only fresh and high-quality products. There is no limit to bread help alone - guests are fed with cereals, with meat, salad or vegetables, they are given tea and biscuits or pastries. In general, they cook as if for themselves, and straight from the heart!

For low-income families or retired people our mission collects food packages, which as a rule include cereals, flour, sunflower oil and sugar. Our mission invites people to get help, and the volunteers of our mission visit those who are not able to come in person. Many residents support the work of the project, sharing their food and preserves in order to help to "survive" to others. Also enterprises and organizations are connected to work in the project helping with their own resources. The indifference of others allows us to work systematically and cover with care a large number of people in need. The main mission of God is to care of people. In the mission “New Life”, this commission became a whole ministry through which God's love is shown to every person. People already know that volunteers can not only feed, but help with clothes, medicine, a heart-to-heart conversation, some sincere care and attention, and help to return to a normal life.