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The project «Share Bread with the Hungry» is aimed at providing assistance to the poor and homeless in the most necessary for existence — food and drink. Every day volunteers of the New Life Christian Mission distribute hot meals in different regions of Ukraine. Many people are forced to come to the distribution of food by their difficult fate: someone does not have enough money for subsistence, and someone lives on the street. And such events are a good support for those who need food. The help is not limited to bread alone — guests are fed with porridge with meat, salad or vegetables, treated with tea and cookies or pastries. In general, they cook as for themselves and from the heart!

Also for low-income families or pensioners, the Mission collects food kits that include cereals, flour, sunflower oil, sugar and invites people to receive help, and those who are unable to come, the volunteers of the Mission visit personally. Many residents support the work of the project, share their food, canned food to help others survive. Also, enterprises and organizations join the project, helping with their resources. The indifference of others allows us to work systematically and reach a large number of people in need.

The main commission of God is to take care of people. In the New Life Christian Mission this commission has become a whole ministry through which God's love is manifested to each person. People already know that volunteers can not only feed, but also help with clothes, medicines, just talk frankly, treat with sincere care and attention and help to return to a full life.