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With the onset of cold weather, the New Life Christian Mission deployed mobile heating points to help everyone who, due to various life situations, found themselves in fierce weather outside.


These points help to prevent hypothermia and even prevent fatalities. In the tents set up by volunteers, people without a permanent place of residence, as well as those who have become hostages to circumstances, can warm up, drink tea, eat and receive first aid.


Heating points operates around the clock with the support of the State Emergencies Service of Ukraine and the police. They organize the systematic duty of mission volunteers. If necessary, first aid is provided and people are redirected to a shelter or social adaptation center.


The heating points are equipped with UFO heaters, tables and benches so that everyone who finds themselves outside in sub-zero temperatures can wait out the weather and get warm. Homeless people are also provided with warm clothes and shoes. In the Odessa region 26 tents operate in winter. From 50 to 300 people can visit one of them per day.


The help they receive here is only a small part of the mission’s concern for the needy and the homeless, who stay in the heating mains and basements during the harsh winter. For many homeless people this is almost the only place where they can receive care and attention, eat and save their life from hypothermia or frostbite and disability.