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The situation in our country has developed in such a way, that people who don't have the funds for treatment, have only one option left - to slowly die from the disease or to wait that "something will be resolved by itself." Even if the ambulance crew takes the person, after having been refused in several hospitals, they simply throw the person out of the way. Nevertheless, there are a lot of conscientious, sympathetic people who seek help from us or help strangers "from their own pocket”.

The Wards of Mercy are opened in the state medical institutions for low-income people and people without a certain place of residence. For over two years our work helps to prevent mortality, exacerbation or spread of diseases among the people who cannot pay for their treatment by themselves.

We are helping those in need with wheelchairs, stilts, medicine, diapers, anti-bedsore mattresses and medical equipment for the hospitals.

After treatment, if necessary, people can be sent to complete a course of rehabilitation from drug, alcohol and other addictions, personal recovery, social adaptation, or can be directed to the shelter, if a person simply has no place to live.