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The situation in the country is that people who do not have the means for treatment can only slowly die of illness or wait for their health to return to them. Even if an ambulance has taken a person, it simply dumps them on the side of the road after being rejected by several hospitals. However, there are also many conscientious and compassionate people who come to us for help or help other people at their own expense.

Mercy wards are opened in state medical institutions for low-income people and people without a specific place of residence. Our work for two years has helped prevent fatalities, aggravation or spread of diseases among people who cannot pay for treatment on their own.

We help those in need with wheelchairs, stilts, medicines, diapers, bedsores mattresses, and deliver medical equipment to hospitals.

After undergoing treatment, if necessary, people can be referred for rehabilitation from drug, alcohol and other addictions to one of the Mission's centers for personal recovery and social adaptation or to a shelter if they have nowhere to live.