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The first season of the summer children's camp has started.

Summer vacation 2024 is always a joy and an unforgettable experience for the "Followers" of the Awakening Christian Center. The first season for the youngest participants has started: the kids started this year's summer camps by immersing themselves in a five-day adventure that became a stage of new acquaintances and children's smiles.

Mentors and counselors did their best to create an atmosphere full of emotions, competitions and learning about biblical characters. 
The children were divided into teams, participated in exciting competitions, rejoiced and simply enjoyed the time spent together. Various locations turned them into real travelers who discover new horizons of knowledge. The cheerful animators played, danced, gave joy and smiles.
Together with the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the children were taught safety and first aid rules, which is important for every young Ukrainian in our country.

Every day of the camp was special, with delicious breakfasts, lunches, treats, drinks and sweets. 
Parents expressed their gratitude to the mission for the opportunity to give their children joy and safety in this difficult time. The sounds of air raid warning and frightening explosions of war could not overshadow the joy of these sunny days, 
Children from large and low-income families, as well as children of internally displaced persons from the devastated regions of our country, were able to relax, distract themselves and have fun.
For five blessed days, 57 children aged 6-9 were entrusted to us by their parents.
The children had fun, communicated, learned and simply enjoyed every moment in the camp. The team of organizers and mentors held competitions and gave away gifts, goodies and prizes, creating unforgettable memories.

We are grateful to God for the opportunity to organize this camp and for the support of international friends and partners from America, Germany and the Netherlands in supporting and
and for the support of international friends and partners from America and the Netherlands in supporting and organizing children's activities. These days have become a real joy and blessing for the entire team of the New Life Christian Mission.
Children are our Future

Author: Ганна Толмачова
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