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Helping children with a cerebral palsy diagnosis

Today we visited a boarding school for children with cerebral palsy.

It hurts ... it is very painful to look at the children who are in orphanages and shelters.

No one hugs, or sings a lullaby for the night, and they don't use the word "love." And from day to day - an aching longing for the one who could be called a mother colours the day. But there are kids who are not just orphans. They are terminally ill

A terrible diagnosis - cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) - unfortunately, is now common. In the Krasnoselsky orphanage in Odessa region there are 120 such children, and thirty of them are so sick that it’s even hard to watch.

I thank the Lord that they were able to visit the children and not empty-handed.

I still see the children's faces in my mind.

If anyone wants to serve such children, write, we will be glad to cooperate.

We do good together !!!

Author: Илона
Deadline: 05.04.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 15,720.00

Refueling cars

If you can't help financially, but you want to give us fuel, look at the list of phone numbers on the Contacts page and inform our volunteers. Information about donations will appear on the site later, in the financial equivalent of donations, with your name or anonymously.

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