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Helping children with a cerebral palsy diagnosis

Today we visited a boarding school for children with cerebral palsy.

It hurts ... it is very painful to look at the children who are in orphanages and shelters.

No one hugs, or sings a lullaby for the night, and they don't use the word "love." And from day to day - an aching longing for the one who could be called a mother colours the day. But there are kids who are not just orphans. They are terminally ill

A terrible diagnosis - cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy) - unfortunately, is now common. In the Krasnoselsky orphanage in Odessa region there are 120 such children, and thirty of them are so sick that it’s even hard to watch.

I thank the Lord that they were able to visit the children and not empty-handed.

I still see the children's faces in my mind.

If anyone wants to serve such children, write, we will be glad to cooperate.

We do good together !!!

Author: Илона
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