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Zhanna and her son Oleh

Recently, one of the wards of our mission, a mother of two who lives in the Mother and Child House, told us about her friend Zhanna, who needs support, help and housing.
Zhanna Angelovskaya, born in 1981, is raising her nine-year-old son Oleg alone. Life circumstances have driven her into a dead end from which she sees no way out.
The child's father, unfortunately, is a drug addict and cannot take part in their life. Zhanna and her son were living in temporary housing, which had to be paid for, but she did not have the means to do so. She could not find a job and was forced to live in the village of Dofinivka, Odesa region, in difficult conditions.
When our volunteers arrived, it became clear that the family needed help immediately. We took Zhanna and her son out of the difficult conditions where they had no food or water and brought them to the safe place "Mother and Child Center".
Zhanna told us that she did not understand why all her endeavors were failing and were falling apart. She had not eaten anything for the last three days, feeling depressed and in need of help.
Her son Oleg is active and loves his mother, but sometimes he disobeys her, which creates additional difficulties.
Zhanna has lost her purpose in life, she has no dream, but she believes that the New Life Christian Mission appeared in her life for a reason. Today she is getting used to a new place, where it is clean and cozy, they are fed, and their lives are not in danger.
We are grateful to everyone who is involved in the life of this family. And to the shelter for women who, together with their children, have lost the meaning of life.

Author: Александр Ваофери
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