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Volunteers on duty conduct raids on places where homeless people gather, help with food and clothing, provide medical care, legal advice, inform about the work of the Mission and the location of centers, and persuade them to take a course of rehabilitation and social adaptation.

The work of the Mission is directly related to cooperation and adjustment of actions with government services, structural units, state institutions, as well as public organizations and the media. Consolidation of our efforts, joint work and support from the city authorities leads to timely resolution of issues affecting people's lives.

The Mission cooperates with hospitals to provide medical care to people in need. Police patrol cars are instructed to inform homeless people about rehabilitation centers and shelters. Every winter, the Mission, together with the State Emergency Service, deploys heating points to prevent deaths among the homeless due to frostbite.

The disappointing statistics on the number of officially registered homeless people shows that we need to intensify our work in almost all regions of Ukraine.