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Summer is the season of new experiences and acquaintances at the YTX 2024 teen camp

n an atmosphere of friendship and unity, the campers developed in their teams, participating in contests and various activities. Each day was filled with joy, good mood and new acquaintances. A variety of contests, water games, dancing, music, sports competitions and, of course, prizes helped them to distract themselves from everyday life.


Pizza for Ukraine

Thanks to our international partners, thousands of people have received help in the form of long-term frozen food. Pizza and sandwiches have become a favorite treat thanks to our friends and partners from Germany, Hoffnung und Hilfe e.V.


The first season of the summer children's camp has started.

Summer vacation 2024 is always a joy and an unforgettable experience for the "Followers" of the Awakening Christian Center. The first season for the youngest participants has started: the kids started this year's summer camps by immersing themselves in a five-day adventure that became a stage of new acquaintances and children's smiles.