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Fire in Odessa on Troitskaya 25

We were in full swing preparing for the operation of the Heating Points and had already prepared all the equipment and tents for installation on the first call on the Kulikovo field. Unfortunately, our help was needed earlier, on Troitskaya 25, where a terrible fire started in the morning of December 4! Relatives of the deceased and those responsible for the fire safety of the building and those responsible for the state of the rescue equipment were unable to prepare for this tragedy.


Humanitarian cargo from Germany

Our mission received humanitarian aid from Germany from the Christus Gemeinde Flein Church, the Hoffnung und Hilfe and Agapeb Filderstat missions


Help for government agencies - money down the drain!

As a wise man said, "If the question doesn't make sense, don't look for it in the answer." But there are many questions. The fact is that through the efforts of volunteers and residents of the city of Odessa, the Jewish hospital has made a good repair of the area designed for the homeless. But here is the result - before the onset of winter, just when the need for this room appears, it was dismantled.