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Pizza for Ukraine

Since the beginning of Russia's full-scale invasion of Ukraine, people across the country have united to support each other in difficult times. From the first day of the war, volunteers of the New Life Christian Mission have been working tirelessly to provide food to the people of Odesa and the region. Our efforts bring together volunteers from different regions.

Thanks to our international partners, thousands of people have received help in the form of long-term frozen food. Pizza and sandwiches have become a favorite treat thanks to our friends and partners from Germany, Hoffnung und Hilfe e.V. 

Internally displaced persons who lost their homes due to the destruction seek help. The society of mothers with many children in Odesa and Odesa region, families with special children, single mothers and children with cerebral palsy and autism also find support from us. Many fathers of these families are defending Ukraine on the front line. Widows, orphans and lonely elderly people - everyone can count on the help of our mission.

War does not spare either children or adults. We, as a mission, try not to remain indifferent to other people's misfortunes. Recently wealthy people are now losing their jobs due to the closure of enterprises. Financial instability is becoming a major problem.

However, the humanitarian aid coming to Ukraine is a light of hope for many. Children especially enjoy the delicious pizza, which has become a symbol of joy and comfort for them.
This aid gives strength and hope to every home.
We thank everyone who is involved in the lives of Ukrainian families.

Together to victory!

Author: Ганна Толмачова
Телефон для довідок: +380960004901