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We are very grateful to the manager Ivan Palenko and the entire team of Dental Hope for the visit to our Mission and church!

For 6 days, from morning to evening, the team treated the teeth of people who for the first time in their lives learned from experience what dentistry is and finally got rid of toothache!

Dental Hope is a Christian organization whose mission is to show love through dentistry and support local churches.

For 6 years, dentists have helped people get better...

So far, Dental Hope has completed 6 trips to the Kherson region, giving residents the opportunity to treat their teeth absolutely free!   


Thanks to you, our grandparents from the street, our mothers with children, were able to get rid of toothache!!!

We thank you! Your business is very important! 🙏🏻

Телефон для довідок: +380960004901