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Project "Let's Help Survive - GCS" Poltava

As part of the project “Let's Help Survive - GCS”, monthly campaigns on the distribution of humanitarian aid are held in the city of Poltava. A lot of people from different social backgrounds come to the action, especially mothers with many children and pensioners. People say that by the beginning of autumn it is very difficult to prepare because pensions are low and salaries too, and there are not enough social payments and such promotions really help to bring children with everything they need to school and pensioners to choose warm clothes and shoes for the fall season. We want to thank all those who are not indifferent to Poltava who joined the charity project “Let's Help Survive - GCS”. More than 150 residents of the city shared clothes, shoes, dishes, and furniture, supporting socially unprotected layers of the population. We also thank the mission volunteers for their contribution to a good cause. We invite everyone who is not indifferent to the fate of people who find themselves below the poverty line to cooperate.

Author: Илона