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The fate of 17-year-old Victoria was difficult.

The girl was born in 2006 in the city of Odesa. She was raised by her mother, grandmother and great-grandmother. It was not easy, but somehow the women managed. The situation became critical when Victoria's mother contracted tuberculosis. Social services took the girl to an orphanage. At first, everything was fine and the mother and daughter could see each other at any time. But suddenly the time of visits was reduced without explanation. That was the first time Victoria ran away from the boarding school.

Time passed and the girl grew up. It was time to go to school. It was there that she met the father of her future children, who was in his last year of study. The couple developed a warm relationship and Victoria became pregnant. However, the child's father never became the head of the family. Moreover, the couple broke up during the pregnancy.

They got back together after Victoria gave birth to a daughter, Milana, in 2022. The girl was born completely healthy. Viktor returned to his family, but not for long. Only for four months. According to Viktoriia, she couldn't take it anymore. It was only after a second divorce that she found out she was pregnant again. In October 2023, she gave birth to her second child, a son named Mark. But she could not resume her relationship with the children's father.

All this time, Victoria raised her children alone. She rented a house because she did not have access to her mother's and grandmother's apartment. Friends and social services helped the young mother.

And now Victoria has faced new challenges, she is on the street with two children. Volunteers from the New Life Christian Mission came to the family's aid. The mother and her two children were taken to the Mother and Child Center. Now they are receiving everything they need for a normal life, and most importantly, they are warm, cozy and cared for. Victoria is a believer and brings up her children according to God's commandments.

Author: Илона
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