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Project "Help Survive - GCS" India Vijayawada.

Our team visited one of the many tribes of India, where the poorest people live. We thought that in our country we saw a lot, but this exceeds the limits of our understanding of the conditions in which people can live. We met many people from this tribe and their problems. We want to note the fact that they are not to lazy towork, or thieves and alcoholics, and are not guilty of dropping so low and living in poverty. They all go to the jobs that their caste allows them, but the salaries that they get are barely enough for the minimum that they cost. They are only guilty of being born in a lower caste and doomed to live in poverty for the rest of their lives. This way of life passes from generation to generation. Our mission is to show these people a different way of life, to show that our God does not divide people into castes and we are all equal and valuable to him. And we give hope that by believing in Jesus Christ they will have a chance to break out of this lifestyle. Our guide to India, pastor Daniel from a wealthy caste, married a girl from a lower caste tribe; none of his relatives and friends came to his wedding. And only a few friends supported him. And he said. I not only said in words that before God everyone is equal, but also proved in practice. Therefore, in his heart there are 23 tribes, which he serves. And not a few of them escaped and became normal people.

Author: Илона
Deadline: 31.05.2020 Progress: UAH 4,012.00 / UAH 103,440.00

Help Survive - GCS Project India

Dear friends, we appeal to all people who have the opportunity and disposition of the heart to help these people in their needs and get out of this situation. It’s not their fault that they were originally born in the lower classes.