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Help for government agencies - money down the drain!

As a wise man said, "If the question doesn't make sense, don't look for it in the answer". But there are many questions. The fact is that through the efforts of volunteers and residents of the city of Odessa, the Jewish hospital has made a good repair of the area designed for the homeless. But here is the result - before the onset of winter, just when the need for this room appears, it was dismantled. Yes, they do repairs, and yes, another department is coming, this is very good. But why didn't anyone say anything to one of the volunteers? How long did they hope to "turn on the frost"? Who gives back the forces, time, medical equipment and money that have been invested in opening a homeless department? It's weird. But working with the homeless cannot stop. We must find a solution to the problem. Where to bring people? Who will help them and where? How to help people in need in Ukraine, while the structures designed for that didn't care. It is more important for them to change one plastic window exactly the same for another, so they can claim some more government money. The most important thing is that the Jewish hospital was strategically important to us. And the sad thing is that the money raised for repairs is simply literally thrown into the wind. Thank you for not scrapping the hospital and squeezing the country ...

Author: Илона