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Historic moment - sending humanitarian aid to Cuba


With the outbreak of the war in 2014 the living standards of Ukrainians fell and so many people suffered greatly and needed help. At that difficult time we had an idea of creating a project “Let's Help to Survive” to help and provide all the essentials for the low-income people of Ukraine.


First, within the “Let's Help to Survive” project, a collection and distribution point for humanitarian aid was opened in Odessa. Our team began to post announcements about opening this point, so that people could bring things in a good condition that they do not need any longer. We achieved success: people began to bring a lot of food, wears, furniture. Gradually the new points began to open in different cities covering more and more regions of Ukraine. For the period from 2014 to 2018, 27 points for the collection and distribution of humanitarian aid were opened throughout Ukraine within the “Let's Help to Survive” project and in only four years about 1080 tons of humanitarian aid were collected from all over Ukraine. In 2021 this amount has become more than 1500 tons.


Observing the work of the points and evaluating their effectiveness, our team made the conclusion that there is every opportunity in our country to expand our borders and look at other countries where the situation is worse and where there is a great need for basic necessities. In the Acts of the Apostles, 

Acts 20:35 it is indicated, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” The law of sowing and reaping works everywhere - what we sow we reap. Many successful countries send humanitarian aid to the others and we thought about how to learn on their experience.


Gradually the resources appeared in order to make the plan in a reality - God blessed us with a hangar to collect humanitarian aid from our friends and partners from Germany. We have begun intensive preparations for the cargo shipment. On the way to the final stage we faced with the various difficulties in documentation because for thirty years of Ukraine's independence there was no dispatch of humanitarian cargo and in different institutions officials expressed great surprise towards our case. There were many pitfalls - we faced new difficulties with every new test but only with God's help we were able to lead our matter to the end.

In October 4, 2021 our team loaded all humanitarian aid into a container and now it is waiting at the Odessa’s port for the shipment to Cuba.

We hope that our example and experience of the first sending will raise other people and will awake a desire to help others in them and through this noble deed more and more people will come to know the Lord.

Author: Александр Ваофери