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  • CaroLena Headey

    Chief Doctor of the City Clinical Hospital No. 1 in the city of Odessa, Candidate of Medical Sciences, neurosurgeon of the highest category, Atanasov Oleg Mikhailovich, was directly involved in the opening of the first Chamber of Mercy in the City Clinical Hospital No. 1

    Our cooperation with the Christian Mission “New Life” began in 2011, and during this time they have been practically the only organization that responds to the needs of the hospital. Together with them we opened the “Ward of Mercy” to serve the poor and the homeless people. All this time, the mission helps the hospital with diapers, sheets, bedsores mattresses (to care for bed patients); couches for the gynecological department, wheelchairs, walkers, medicines and much more. For eight years the results of the “New Life” missions speak for themselves with hundreds of people received medical, social, psychological and legal assistance. Our constant partnership gives hope that with our joint efforts we will achieve great results in helping our community.

  • CaroLena Headey

    Kitayskaya Elena Petrovna - Director of the Department of Labor and Social Policy in the Odessa City Council, repeatedly recommends us to solve the problems of the city and advises us

    Over the past years the Department of Labor and Social Policy of the Odessa City Council has been cooperating with the organization, the Christian Mission “New Life” on the social protection of people without a specific place of residence. This organization has extensive experience in social adaptation in this category of citizens, and therefore has become a full partner of the department in implementing various projects aimed at providing various types of services to homeless citizens: medical and social assistance, restoration of documents, ensuring the possibility of living in special centers and reintegration into the society. In the winter period the project of heating points is being successfully implemented, where organization volunteers provide help in order to maintain order and work productively. The head of the organization Fedor Gerasimov is a member of the City work group on reforming and assistance system to the homeless citizens. The result of the work of this group was the improvement of the quality of services that the homeless citizens receive in the interaction of all services that solve their problems. The branch of the City center for the reintegration of the homeless citizens on Tsiolkovsky Str, 1 was repaired and a new center for women on the Baltskaya road Str, 2 was opened.