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Deadline: 01.03.2020 Progress: UAH 16,000.00 / UAH 56,034.00

Eldom TS 300 C 300L thermosiphon system for a shelter in a village

Here people will be able to spend the night, eat, and also receive socio-psychological assistance in order to rehabilitate themselves in society and become full members. In our shelters, people regularly hear the Word of God.

The Christian mission regularly feeds the hungry, in heating centers people can warm themselves in the winter, our shelters are crowded. This shelter is designed for 150 people. Of course, keeping so many people is very expensive.

Now one of the most important needs is to supply the shelter with hot water. We want to install a thermosiphon system that will save money on electricity bills from March to November. Therefore, we appeal to all people who are not indifferent to the life of homeless people, and ask to help us with the acquisition of this system. You can transfer the amount feasible for you to the card. May God bless you and your families!