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Deadline: 01.03.2022 Progress: UAH 3,849,733.00 / UAH 7,790,400.00

The Mother and Child House of Mercy

In the Odessa region not far from the city in the village of Veliky Dalnik, the Mother and Child House of Mercy is under construction.

The Mother and Child House of Mercy, is a shelter for children and orphan. It is designed for people who find themselves in difficult life situations. It is intended for temporary residence of mothers with children.

Here they will be able to undergo a course of rehabilitation and recovery.

This house will have everything the kids need.

The shelter is designed for about 64 spaces , as well as 25-30 mothers.

This shelter provides an opportunity for children not to be left orphans, and mothers are not left without children.

We need your support and help!