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Deadline: 01.03.2020 Progress: UAH 18,200.00 / UAH 70,000.00

Fundraising for a heating point in Mariupol

Our mission has been engaged in heating points in Odessa for several years, and this project helped save many lives. In army tents, which are set up by volunteers, people without a permanent residence, as well as those who are victim to their circumstances, can warm themselves, drink tea and eat.

The heating stations are equipped with stoves, tables, benches and sleeping places so that everyone who is looking for a cover when the temperature is below zero can wait out the weather and get warm. Homeless people also receive help in the form of warm clothes and shoes. One such point can help 50 to 300 people per day.

According to weather forecasts, this winter will be the coldest in the last 30 years. The Internet source Details.UA tells us so that the mission will have a lot of workers ready. Thanks to this project many lives will be saved.

The authorities of the Mariupol City Council asked our mission for help, to provide the heating points in the city of Mariupol, Help with everything necessary for this, as well as the participation of our volunteers.

We are ready to help with organizational issues and with material ones, but we need your help, maybe it is your participation that will save someone else's life.


Tent USB Upgraded 1pc. - 33 000 UAH.

Kt table and two benches. 4 sets - 6 000 UAH.

Heaters UFO Star 2900. 4pcs. -11,600 UAH.