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Deadline: 31.05.2020 Progress: UAH 4,012.00 / UAH 103,440.00

Help Survive - GCS Project India

Christian mission "New Life" in India. We travel to different tribes from the lower strata and castes of the population and help with what our mission has strength to. But by our own efforts we will not be able to help since we don't have the financial assets necessary.

We can show these people that our God is love and that all people have the same prices for him and he does not divide them into castes. The mission visiting these tribes sees what these people need. They will have to buy all the necessities and distribute to all people in need of help on the spot, and they will need money to do so. Our mission urges everyone who cares to support us financially in this matter, so they can carry out their work now and in the future.

Most Required:

Bag of rice 5kg (for 1 family) -5 $

Cover (for the winter period for 1 person) -5 $;

Mosquito net (for 1 person) $ 6-7

New Testament-1 $

Bible- $ 6

Mattress (for 1 person) -10 $

This is a list of things without which a person in India cannot survive.

We are very grateful to everyone whose hearts are willing to participate in the needs of these people.