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  • Global Christian Support

    GCS Help is an international portal of mutual aid, a space of hope and kindness, a community of caring people. Our users are personally involved in the needs of each other. Our main task is to help build relationships with people and organizations for joint projects to help people. Over the years, the site has become an effective and affordable assistant in charity, a place of acquaintance and communication of Christians. Everyone who has registered on the site has the opportunity to present their projects and works to the whole world! Here you can get contacts for cooperation, partnership and interaction, find like-minded people from different cities and countries.

  • RadioMv

    RadioMv is an online Christian radio. Since February 2006, the radio broadcasts are heard by hundreds of thousands of Slavic people in 136 countries around the world. RadioMv broadcasts round-the-clock spiritually edifying programs that carry peace and comfort, advice and encouragement, admonition and joy, and daily spiritual food for all ages. In order to come closer to our listeners, the program devotes time for personal testimonies from listeners as well as live meetings on the air, where exciting Christian themes and pressing contemporary issues arise.

  • Metall- & Glasdesign Hirsekorn

    Metall- & Glasdesign Hirsekorn is a craft company in the field of metal processing.

  • Christusgemeinde Flein

    Christusgemeinde Church was founded in Heilbronn-Frankenbach in 1989 under the name Evangelische Brüdergemeinde. In 2004, they moved to a new community center in Flaine. Since 2015, they changed their name to Christusgemeinde Flein.

  • Багира и Ко

    Distribution company.

    Since 2012, they constantly help us in organizing children's parties and sports events, with products, drinks and sweets.

  • "Lighthouse of Hope" Church

    Our permanent assistants in the field of serving people. They help us with food, help us to carry out ministries: Share the bread with the hungry, Help us to Survive, and the Homeless People Assistance Service.

  • Ukr-Petrol

    The company "Ukr-Petrol" works in the market of petroleum products since 1992. It is one of the most powerful firms in the western region.

  • Aqua Viva

    A young but already established company in Odessa. Their task is to produce water without any taste that, when consumed, would allow us to feel an increase in power and a wave of energy. Now you can appreciate the quality of the water "AQUA VIVA", which gives a taste of purity and freshness with every new sip! Purified water at the molecular level offers reliable protection of the body against harmful impurities.

  • Meest Express

    Meest Express is the largest national logistics operator in the door-to-door delivery segment in Ukraine.

    Meest Express embodies modern advanced information technologies in the courier services market of Ukraine.

    It has hundreds of offices throughout Ukraine and offers a full range of delivery services and related services, as well as logistics IT support for all business processes.

    The company employs thousands of skilled workers involved in the real sector of the state's economy.

  • Advertising agency Comand.Space

    This is a large and experienced team working on all the promotional materials of the mission.


    YMCA – is an international movement that unites people for personal growth, mutual help and social ministry. Thanks to the Christian principles on which the organization’s activities are based YMCA promotes harmonious physical, intellectual and spiritual development of the people. The YMCA of Ukraine is a full member of the YMCA of Europe and associate member of the World Alliance of YMCA.

  • The International Mission of Mercy “Emmanuel”

    The International Mission of Mercy “Emmanuel” or IMOCE has been working since 2000. The mission works extensively in Mexico, Cuba, Africa, India and Nepal. But when grief came to our home country, Ukraine, and our people were in trouble - we could not sit in warm houses and enjoy the comfort of life.

  • Odessa Regional Organization of the Red Cross

    Odessa Regional Red Cross Organization This year, additional tents and volunteers were allocated to open heating points in Odessa and Kiev. Together with us, they organized a race for a healthy lifestyle in Odessa.

  • Main Directorate of the State Service for Emergency Situations in Odessa

    The main department of the State Emergency Situations Service in Odessa helped us open heating points, 8 years ago, and continue to support this project.

  • Odessa Police Patrol Department

    Odessa Police Patrol Department They take care of the safety of our volunteers and save many lives by delivering homeless people from the street to our shelters or heating centers.

  • Ambulance Odessa

    Odessa ambulance. Together with us they are on duty at the heating points, providing first aid to all those in need, as well as to those whom we take from the street and bring directly to hospitals.