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  • Feed the Hunger

    Mission Statement:

    Feeding the spiritual and physical hunger in the needy

    Who We Are:

    We’re a Christian ministry that knows every child wants to succeed, but many don’t have the resources they need. Without proper nutrition, education, and spiritual guidance, it’s easy for them to feel defeated. But we believe every child deserves to experience the love of God and the opportunity to grow and learn. So how do we make this happen? Using our reliable global partnerships, we identify vulnerable children at risk of starvation or malnutrition, provide immediate nutritional resources, and invest in their long-term success through education and spiritual growth.

  • Orphan Grain Train

    Orphan Grain Train is a Nonprofit Christian volunteer network that shares personal and material resources with needy people in America and around the world. Grain Train volunteers gather donations of clothing, medical supplies, food, Christian literature, and other aid to meet real needs. The Orphan Grain Train movement is a loving response to Jesus Christ’s example as a servant and His love for us.

  • Uni Trade Group Company

    The main activity of our company is logistics and forwarding of various cargoes from the starting point to the final destination within a strictly specified time with the selection of the most optimal route. In other words, our task is to deliver goods and other material assets to the right place, in the right quantity and at the right time, and to manage all stages of cargo movement. That’s why we don’t have our own car fleet and we’re not afraid to say so!

    We successfully work with a large number of reliable carriers around the world who have their own fleets, so we can guarantee you any transportation anywhere!

  • Charity organization "Samaritans Perspective Ukraine" Charity Foundation

    Samaritan's Purse is an international, nongovernmental, nonprofit humanitarian organization of evangelical Christians. The name of the organization is based on the New Testament parable of the Good Samaritan, which Jesus uses to teach people the second commandment, "love your neighbor as yourself.

  • Open Door Foundation / Vitaly & Natalia Smolin

    Due to the war crisis in Ukraine. Open Door Foundaiton Ukraine and Smolin Ministries has mobilized staff in Ternopil Ukraine. Humanitarian aid, helping with refugees with housing, food and spiritual care.

  • Giving Hearts International

    Giving Hearts International is a global community with a heart to reach those in critical need today. 

    One mission: to give aid to orphans, widows and those in critical need. 

  • Hoffnung und Hilfe e.V.

    Hoffnung und Hilfe e. V. is a non-denominational, donation-based Christian missionary organisation.

    We work together with churches and congregations on the basis of the whole Bible. Our aim is to help people in the CIS states and the countries of the former Eastern Bloc in a holistic way. This is done through relief supplies (clothes, shoes, food, medicine), as well as spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ through our own missionaries and literature (Bibles, children's Bibles, books, tracts). The relief supplies are transported directly to the target countries in our own trucks (approx. 15-20 transports per year). Distribution is done by our staff in cooperation with local church communities and government authorities. This way of working ensures that the relief supplies reach those who really need them. We also support Christian communities in the areas of evangelism and church planting.


    We are also currently working with churches and organisations in the Czech Republic, Bulgaria, Moldova, Ukraine, Latvia and Belarus.

  • Agape e.V.

    We are an initiative of committed Christians from the Filder area, south of Stuttgart and the nearer (and also further) surroundings. We have set ourselves the goal of promoting Christian communities in Eastern Europe. 

    The focus of our work is:


    - Relief transports with our own road train

    - Helping to build up churches, children's homes, hospitals, old people's homes and schools

    - Organising sponsorships for children's homes, which offer the children and young people entrusted to them a biblically oriented perspective for their lives

    - Helping to organise church services and evangelistic crusades in cooperation with the local churches


  • Global Christian Support

    GCS Help is an international portal of mutual aid, a space of hope and kindness, a community of caring people. Our users are personally involved in the needs of each other. Our main task is to help build relationships with people and organizations for joint projects to help people. Over the years, the site has become an effective and affordable assistant in charity, a place of acquaintance and communication of Christians. Everyone who has registered on the site has the opportunity to present their projects and works to the whole world! Here you can get contacts for cooperation, partnership and interaction, find like-minded people from different cities and countries.

  • "The Ark of Salvation" Russian Church in Helsinki

    The Russian-speaking Free Church "The Ark of Salvation" has existed in Helsinki since the autumn of 2000.

    "The Ark of Salvation" Church has become a spiritual home not only for people who previously did not know God, but has also united believers of different Christian denominations in ministry.

    God helps us to grow in understanding each other's value and respecting our particularities, to learn from each other the best and to serve Him together and, most importantly, to do His will in unity - to show love to our neighbour.

  • RadioMv

    RadioMv is an online Christian radio. Since February 2006, the radio broadcasts are heard by hundreds of thousands of Slavic people in 136 countries around the world. RadioMv broadcasts round-the-clock spiritually edifying programs that carry peace and comfort, advice and encouragement, admonition and joy, and daily spiritual food for all ages. In order to come closer to our listeners, the program devotes time for personal testimonies from listeners as well as live meetings on the air, where exciting Christian themes and pressing contemporary issues arise.

  • Svora

    Svora is the sports club which oriented on cultural and physical development of youth. They are leading free trainings for children from large and disadvantage families and for orphans.

  • The Evangelical Lutheran Church of the Fraternal Community in Enger

    We are a predominantly Russian-German fraternal community of people of all ages and genders. We have come here to East Westphalia from various parts of the former Soviet Union.

    We understand ourselves in the biblical sense of God as brothers and sisters in the Lord. Our worship services are characterised by singing, praying and listening to God's word together. Most of the sermons are delivered by lay brothers who have no theological training.


  • Life of Victory Church

    Founded in September 2006 Life of Victory Church had a humble but blessed beginning meeting at a local hotel conference room. However God placed a clear vision in the heart of senior pastor Roman Horbachevskyy and through much prayer and obedience God has given the church resources, growth, and ability to impact the city of Auburn.

    Currently our church has many active ministries including "Victory Kids", "Impact Ministry" (Youth), "Revival Ministry" to help battle addictions, "Drama", and "Bible School".

  • House of Bread Church

    Our church was founded in 2006 by immigrants from the former Soviet Union and various other countries of the former Soviet Republic. Today we are comprised of greater than 1,700 people, including our children, and we continue to grow and develop in the knowledge of God’s will. We believe that the Church must constantly adapt in order to best communicate the message of God in its surrounding community. For this reason, we prayerfully study the needs of our city and the uniqueness of our time in order to allocate our resources wisely in service to people.

    House of Bread Church is a good soil for the development of both your calling and your gifts. We especially appreciate simplicity, sincerity, hard work and loyalty. The Apostle Paul teaches that we get joined to the Body, “as each part does its work ” (Eph 4:16). You can also think of the church as a hospital that consists of two categories of people: doctors and patients. People come with needs, but stay for the sake of their calling. That is why we strive to take care of the needs of those who come and provide them with a place in ministry.


  • Light of the Gospel Church

    Do you want to know more about Jesus? Are you looking for a church that you can call your family? We encourage you to visit Light of the Gospel and experience our multicultural environment. May God alone guide your path! 

  • New Life Church

    We hope you see our passion for Jesus and His gospel. He is the only reason that we do what we do — preaching, children’s ministry, outreach, and even singing.

    If you were to ask us to describe ourselves in one sentence, we would say, “We’re a gospel centered, city focused, church community.”

    These three elements create the DNA for us to live all of life for the glory of Jesus. As a Gospel Centered church, you will notice that we believe the gospel is so much more than a starting point for people. The gospel is all of life, and it shapes the very way in which we live life together with our family, friends, city, and the rest of the world. We want to view and live all of life through gospel, which is the truth for all of us

  • K&K Bauelemente GmbH

    K&K Bauelemente is a company owned by the Kattenpohl and Rochner families. The company has been established since January 1985.

    We are active nationwide in the processing of projects.

    Our fields of activity include the delivery and installation of steel frames, steel doors, fire doors, garages, sectional doors, interior doors, wooden frames, handles and fittings.

    Our clients consist of housing associations, architects, general contractors and building companies. Our many years of technical know-how are at your disposal from the technical planning stage to the final installation. With selected brand products, we guarantee you high-quality construction elements. Assembly by our qualified skilled workers guarantees you consistently high quality.

    We are happy to assist you in the planning and implementation of your projects.

  • AG CF «Dominanta»

    AG CF «Dominanta» successfully started its activities in the legal field of Odessa back in 2003. Currently, we are not only the leading regional law firm in Ukraine, but also provide comprehensive legal support to foreign clients.

    Our team includes lawyers who specialise in commercial, civil, tax, corporate, land and criminal law; experienced professionals in real estate, construction, credit matters (loan closing, collateral return), pre-trial dispute resolution, and, if necessary, representation in courts of all instances.

  • Metall- & Glasdesign Hirsekorn

    Metall- & Glasdesign Hirsekorn is a craft company in the field of metal processing.