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Building a shelter for mothers and children and orphans

Every year in Ukraine the number of single mothers who for various reasons found themselves in a difficult life situation and are forced to live with their children on the street increases. Mothers raising children on their own are still among the most vulnerable segments of population and it is impossible to ignore this problem.


Our volunteers, who are patroling streets as a part of «The Homeless Service» project, meet abandoned children two or three times a month and receiving calls daily with asks to take a child to a shelter or to provide help to mother in distress.


To solve the problem of child abandonment and to help women and their children, our mission began construction of «The Mother and Child Home» in Odessa region, in the village of Noviy Dalnik. The foundation was laid in January of this year and a house will be ready for accomodation by the end of 2022.


At the moment, the third floor is done and the building is on the stage of shingles installation. A house is designed for 64 orphans and 25-30 mothers with children and is intended for temporary living. Qualified psychologists will work in a shelter to help mothers to return to a full and an independent life.


«I believe that if the Home was to open now, it would be fully occupied in a month» —  notes the head of the NGO, Fyodor Gerasimov.


We are in need of building materials and financial support for this house.


We would be grateful for any help provided.

Deadline: 01.03.2022 Progress: UAH 3,849,733.00 / UAH 7,790,400.00

The Mother and Child House of Mercy

This house will have everything the kids need. The shelter is designed for about 64 spaces , as well as 25-30 mothers.

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