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A working group on the protection of homeless people has been convened

Today, in the Odessa City Council, a working group was convened on the reform of the social assistance system and the protection of people without a fixed place of residence in the city of Odessa.

Along with other issues, the question was raised of setting up heating points during the winter cold, in order to avoid mortality and injuries among people without a fixed residence. The effectiveness of installing heating points over the past 2 years and the real achievement of results in saving lives and human health were noted.

The issue of treating homeless people and the duty of medical workers on heating tents, as well as the round-the-clock duty of representatives of the municipal police, were discussed.

Also, representatives of the city health department were asked about the free treatment of homeless people, and even got some support from them, in case individual doctors or hospitals refuse to accept them. But they also explained some real difficulties that may have to be encountered, such as the lack of free wards during the cold season or the lack of drugs necessary for treatment, even with the doctors' desire to cure the patient.

Some volunteers raised the issue of not being able to put a homeless person in institutions that are meant for this. Unfortunately, many residents of Odessa and even members of the working group do not fully understand the difference between such institutions, and are confused with hospices where you can bring a person to die or sanatorium and boarding schools, where there is medical staff. You need to understand that in some centers they can provide only a bed, in ours we can provide food and clothing, assistance in resocialization, but we don’t have a single doctor and medical equipment, as in any other centers in Ukraine.

Author: Екатерина Вовк
Deadline: 05.04.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 15,720.00

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