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Repairing works of the roof of the shelter for elderly and disabled

At night on 22th July a squall wind and a heavy downpour hit Odessa and caused the roof of the building of the shelter for elderly and disabled was completely blown off, the ceilings bursted and all the living areas were flooded. The inclement weather took people by surprise — when the storm began, everyone were asleep and woke up when water was pouring down on them directly from the ceiling.


We would like to thank people who stayed involved in our disaster  — the day after the storm we started repair works of the roof. Volunteer construction workers promptly repaired missing elements of the purlins, at the moment the installation of the perimeter waterproofing membrane is completed and in coming days we are expecting to move to the final stage of roofing material installation.


The reconsruction process of the building of the shelter damaged by the hurricane is labour intensive and expensive and we would appreciate any help provided — financial, consumable materials or assistance in the construction itself. In addition to the roof, the living rooms need a complete facelift — it is necessary to plaster the traces of the flood on the walls and restore the ceilings, which are now gaping holes.


The most important thing is not to give up and with your support nothing is impossible!

Deadline: 30.11.2021 Progress: UAH 250,869.00 / UAH 816,506.00

Restoration of the building of a shelter for the elderly and disabled

A shelter for the elderly and disabled is intended for people who were found themselves in a hopeless situation. Once they come to us, most of wards stay in the shelter forever.