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"Help Survive" Cherkasy

The charity project “Let's Help Survive” was launched in Cherkassy last fall, 2018. During this time, about 50 actions took place in the region to help low-income Ukrainians.

The local team "New Life" comes from s. Old Kovrai in the Chernobaevsky district. Members of the local church "On The Rock" formed a public organization with the same name. The initiator and future leader was the pastor of the church, Alexander Robozerov. Today the New Life team has around 50 volunteers. Among them are both adults and children. Campaigns are held in the village of birth, in the regional center and in other settlements of the region.

- The GCS project "Let's Help Survive" was initiated in Odessa, by Fedor Gerasimov. The aim of the project is to help people with a low income. Nowadays, many Ukrainians find themselves in difficult financial circumstances. And the Lord has put it on our hearts to further develop this initiative and implement the project in our Cherkasy region, "says Alexander Robozerov. Up to now we mainly distribute things.

The campaigns can be carried out hanks to the joint efforts of volunteers, local public organizations and churches. In addition, "New Life" is established in Cherkassy and closely working together with local authorities. In particular with the Department of Social Protection of Cherkasy Regional State Administration.

- The things we give to the inhabitants of the region were collected by the citizens themselves. The Public Budget program is being carried out in the city. Within the framework, the residents of the regional center vote for the projects that are most needed by the local community. One of the winners in recent years was the project of the former leader - Cherkasy Crisis Center Elena Strizhak to collect "second-hand" clothing. Ten containers for 'used goods' appeared in different areas of the city, says Alexander Robozerov. Our team of volunteers is engaged in collecting and sorting these clothes.

The New Life team tries to turn the assets into a small party for the locals, away from the pattern of distributing things. That is why the program is always a concert. In recent months it has been devoted to family and family values. The concert program is actively attended by children of team members and growing volunteers.

Volunteers from the GCI "Let's Help Survive" project say people respond differently to charity events. Some are ashamed to approach and choose things, while others are suitable and grateful, they ask that such events take place more often, at least once a season.

In turn, project manager Alexander Robozerov said that the plans of 'New Life' not only continue to take actions to provide 'humanitarian aid', but also help targeted people who need it.

Author: Илона