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Help the boarding school where children with disabilities live.

Today, a charity event organized by the New Life Christian Mission with the support of Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine was held at the Krasnoselsky boarding house for children with cerebral palsy and Down syndrome. During the action, charity assistance was provided to the boarding house in the form of: food, diapers, carbon paper, as well as an electric boiler for heating water (boiler) with a volume of 100 liters. Employees of the boarding school conducted a tour during which they showed and talked about the life of their pupils, about pressing problems and needs. The New Life mission has been providing versatile assistance to the boarding home for three years.

The Chairman of the New Life Mission Fedor Gerasimov assured that they will continue to provide all possible assistance to the boarding school.

Author: Екатерина Вовк
Deadline: 05.04.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 15,720.00

Refueling cars

If you can't help financially, but you want to give us fuel, look at the list of phone numbers on the Contacts page and inform our volunteers. Information about donations will appear on the site later, in the financial equivalent of donations, with your name or anonymously.

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