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Help for those in need in Odessa

The period of time seems short but for many people as an eternity... Many Ukrainians were forced to leave their homes, they faces with constant shelling, bombing, children's tears... Our city has become a second home for many refugees. That’s a very difficult situation for all of us. Unemployment, rising prices, lack of food and fuel... People are trying to survive in this difficult time. The city as the country has completely changed in general.

From the first day of the war, the New Life Christian Mission has been helping all those in need of food assistance.
We continue to collect food packages that include everything necessary for people to survive.
Thousands of people come to our church for help, where one of the distribution points for food packages is located on the street Tankistov 43 A.
According to our calculations, since the beginning of the war in Ukraine, New Life Christian Mission has given out more than 60,000 food packages.
Those who in need of food help come from all over the city. Huge, endless lines, people in need of help are forced to stand for a long time. Receiving food assistance, people also have the opportunity to communicate with our pastors and this is a great moral support for people in distress.

We are glad to see the smiles of people and hear their words of gratitude for the rendered help.
We continue to pray for Ukraine, support those who need help and believe that God will heal our Country!


God bless you!

Author: Любовь Жуковская