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Opening of a heating point in Zaporozhye

The point is located at 36 Zhukovskogo, Angolenko district from Puzata khata along Blagoveshchenskaya street to the Evroynok tram stop The heating point is designed for 50 people. Feeding takes place 3 times a day, there is always hot tea.

If a person cannot transport a homeless person to a tent by himself, you can call 0935260806 from 17:00 to 8:00 and they will come to you for assistance. Your call could be life-saving.

It is also very important to ask the person if he really wants to get to the heating point. For often people who pass by believe that any person freezing on the street needs help, but as ten years of practice shows, unfortunately, when volunteers come and start talking, it turns out that a person is happy with everything and he does not want to be deprived of his so-called freedom ...

Author: Александр Ваофери