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He was bleeding, freezing in the street

Another challenge. Thanks to not indifferent inhabitants of Odessa life was saved again! This man was bleeding, freezing in the street. Volunteers of the New Life Mission took away from the street from death. Thank you so much for not closing your hearts to such people, because we ourselves do not know how our life can turn. Without your calls with requests to help a person, an irreparable could happen ... Thanks to you, dear Odessaites, this man is alive! At the moment, he is undergoing treatment at the Jewish Hospital, where he is provided with all the necessary medical care.

Author: Екатерина Вовк
Deadline: 12.06.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 5,109.00

Drug collection

If you can't help with finances but with actual medicines, see the list of addresses for receiving help on the Contacts page. Information about donations will appear on the site later, in the financial equivalent of donations, with your name or anonymously.

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