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Compassionate People of Odessa

Once again, we are convinced that in Odessa there are still many people that are compassionate. Residents of Odessa, seeing a person lying on the ground on the street, did not pass by. They immediately turned to the New Life Christian Mission, the mission that is engaged in helping homeless people.

Arthur is 44 years old. A resident of Artsiz. He came to work and remained on the street without documents and livelihoods. Thanks to caring people, we were able to send Arthur to the hospital as he needs a medical examination.

Thank you to all the people that choose to not be indifferent to those around them. We are grateful to all the journalists of the seventh channel of the city of Odessa, to the ambulance workers and to everyone who takes part in the rescue of people by simply choosing to not just pass them by.

Author: Илона
Deadline: 12.06.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 5,109.00

Drug collection

If you can't help with finances but with actual medicines, see the list of addresses for receiving help on the Contacts page. Information about donations will appear on the site later, in the financial equivalent of donations, with your name or anonymously.

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