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Who will intercede for the homeless?

If everything was as simple as our critics see it - “they are to blame”. In our shelters and social adaptation centers, we met a politician, a yachtsman, a scientist, many athletes who had family and work. Unfortunately, no matter how life is today, it does not mean that it will always be like this. Along with life circumstances and upheavals, the predominant cause of being on the street is the lack of love in the family and, consequently, inability to live in society, constant flight from problems and a break in relations with everyone on their way.

So, dear egoists, think about it: if you cannot show compassion and love for those who did not have life, can you give enough love to your children so that they will not end up in the same position in the future? On the street, unnecessary, condemned and persecuted to everyone, sick and unable to help themselves, the number of such people grows every year. And insults, reproaches, humiliating views, have never helped a person to change his life.

Over the past year, we raised money to open a shelter for homeless people and on May 27 the purchase took place. In response to this news, a number of propagandists opposed us, using the comments about our work, which were already familiar to us, which, in turn, turned every inhabitant of the village of Velikiy Dalnik against us.

It’s nice to see that people in our country are becoming more conscious and less likely to choose the position "my house is on the edge." Our duty is to respond to the disseminated disinformation, by narrow-minded and selfish or even self-serving people. We carefully treat people, do not take people for one night. In order to get to our shelters, people undergo a serious interview, sign an agreement for half a year to undergo social adaptation. We do not accept people without serious intentions to change their lives and work on themselves. For which we are often subjected to reproaches from other people who do not understand that we are responsible for those who are already at our shelters and people who live nearby.

Finally, we’ll clarify that the prospective tenants of this orphanage, pensioners and disabled people who can hardly take care of themselves, are not to build themselves ninjas and rob anyone whatever it is, as people draw for whom we have become is being poured ...

Author: Александр Ваофери

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