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Humanitarian cargo from Germany

As part of the “Help Survive” project, we received humanitarian aid from Germany from the Christus Gemeinde Flein Church, the Hoffnung und Hilfe mission and the Agapeb Filderstat mission.

Humanitarian aid in the form of food, furniture and kitchen utensils came for Ukrainians living below the poverty line. In our country, unfortunately, there are many needy people who receive minimal support from social services, or who do not receive any financial payments from the state at all.

Perhaps it is this help that will save or facilitate someone's life.

Thanks to our partners from Germany, we will be able to install kitchen equipment and good beds for the wards of the new shelter of our mission.

The cargo will be distributed across 28 branches operating throughout Ukraine. Each person from a socially unprotected category of the population can come to the collection point and issue humanitarian aid and take the necessary things that he needs.

Addresses of points are indicated on the mission website.

Author: Илона