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Humanitarian aid in the Odessa and Odessa region

Every day of the war for someone may be the last... 
The situation in Ukraine is getting worse. The economy is falling, fuel is running out quickly, and food is getting more expensive. 
The Christian mission "New Life" thanks to our friends and partners "Samaritan's Purse" and "Hoffnung und Hilfe", has the possibility to provide everyone, who needs food aid today in the city of Odessa and in the Odessa area. 
The distribution points work every week. The flow of people from neighboring villages, settlements and suburbs line up in huge queues of up to 1000 people. 
We help all people in need. 
Food packages can be obtained not only in Odessa, but also in the village of Velikiy Dalnik, 8 Shevchenko Street. 
Issue food aid - a great opportunity to provide not only assistance in food, but also morally support everyone who was affected by the war. And it is lonely people, pensioners, invalids, large families.  
Giving out food aid brings many blessings to people in need. It is a good tool for people to see a demonstration of God's love. 

God is near!


Author: Любовь Жуковская

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