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Evacuation of civilians to the Moldovan border

For the ninth day now, a terrible war with Russia is going on all over Ukraine. Literally the day after the enemy's rockets were launched in all cities of the country, our volunteers mobilized their forces and decided to give their help to people in the form of free evacuation to the Ukrainian-Moldovan border.


Every morning after the end of the curfew, three cars drive for a pre-arranged meeting point for the unfortunate people. The markings «Volunteer» and New Life Christian Mission — GCS  on each car ensure better recognition and more free passage on the roads. The one-way trip to the border takes about four hours. For this trip we accept only mothers with children and elderly people of not conscripted age with a minimum amount of hand luggage. During these days we already managed to take away a total of 8 elderly people, 12 mothers and 14 children.


For those who will be met by no one on the other side, New Life Christian Mission affiliate in Moldova provides shelter for mothers and children.  


These events were unexpectable to everyone and ruined everyone's plans. We also desperately need your help. Every day the Mission incurs a huge financial outlay for fuel.


We very much hope that we can help as many needy people as possible and we believe that the hostilities going on in our country will stop soon.


We would be grateful for your financial support.


You can contact volunteers and sign up for a humanitarian trip by phone:


+380 94 924 30 99

+380 68 479 33 17 (Viber, Telegram, What's app).


May God protect you!

Deadline: 12.06.2020 Progress: UAH 2,000.00 / UAH 5,109.00

Drug collection

If you can't help with finances but with actual medicines, see the list of addresses for receiving help on the Contacts page. Information about donations will appear on the site later, in the financial equivalent of donations, with your name or anonymously.

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