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Another newborn baby and his mother have a chance for a happy life.

A team of volunteers led by the head of the Mission Fiodor Gerasimov and the director of the shelter Oleg Skrypnik, took a nineteen year old girl Raisa from the maternity house. Her partner used drugs and Raisa became addicted to them too. When the girl found out that she was pregnant, Raisa was kicked out to the street. Raisa's situation seemed to be hopeless. The minister from the «New Life» Christian Mission in Kharkov, where she was given a temporary shelter, contacted the director of the shelter Mission in Odessa, told her story and received confirmation from another side about willingness to help her.


Raisa made the right decision: to radically change her life and not endanger the life of her newborn child, but to become a loving and caring mother. The doctors say that the boy is feeling well, he is absolutely healthy and his weight and height are within the norm. At the moment, Raisa lives in a specially equipped room for mothers in the shelter. She is fully absorbed in her pleasantries and making plans for her future.


We are building the «Mother and Child Home» for such mothers like Raisa. We want to ensure that no child is left an orphan with a living mother and the woman had a chance for a new, high-quality and safe life.


We would be grateful to everyone who cares enough to contribute financially, with building materials or with their own time to help the volunteers to build the house. 


Together we can change the world for the better.

Телефон для довідок: +380960004901
Deadline: 01.03.2022 Progress: UAH 3,849,733.00 / UAH 7,790,400.00

Construction of The Mother and Child Home

The Mother and Child Home is intended for temporary residence of mothers with children and orphans who found themselves in a difficult life situation. Here they will be able to undergo a course of rehabilitation and recovery. The shelter is designed to accommodate 64 children and 25-30 mothers.