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Effective meeting of the Odessa City Administration and representatives of the NGO "New Life"

In the Odessa City Administration, a regular meeting of the working group on working with people without a fixed residence was held. The agenda included such questions as:

- provision of medicines for the homeless in hospital treatment in hospitals of the city;

- the work of the ambulance and the police with people without a fixed place of residence;

- creating a plan to work with homeless people who have been hospitalized and in need of housing and social rehabilitation.

Those present at the meeting noted that, unfortunately, the homeless, unlike other people, cannot afford even a minimal package of medicines. After discharge, homeless people in the hospital simply have nowhere to go, and with the onset of cold weather this problem increases exponentially.

Based on all the statistics and the above problems, on the initiative of the head of the City Public Organization "Christian Mission" New Life "Fedor Gerasimov, a number of decisions were made, in particular, on the creation of a charity fund to collect and distribute funds for the purchase of medicines for this category of citizens. a decision was made to hold a press conference, the purpose of which would be to inform the public about the creation of the fund and attracting partners to finance this of the project. It was also decided to launch the Road Map project. The purpose of which is to provide homeless people with information about all shelters and centers for social rehabilitation and adaptation of Odessa and the region. This will help the person have the opportunity to choose the center that will help him return to normal.

It was also decided to involve in cooperation all social services, charitable organizations, shelters and rehabilitation centers of the city for further work with the homeless.

It was decided to create a working group, whose function will be to convey information to homeless people. It is assumed that this group will include employees of medical institutions, ambulances, members of the public and law enforcement agencies.

It is gratifying to note that the meeting was held in a warm atmosphere, the participants immediately found a common language, which significantly helped constructive work.

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