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Both mothers could leave their newborn children in maternity hospital because of difficult life circumstances

Two women who were left homeless due to unforseen difficult circumstances were given a chance for a better future thanks to the support of New Life Christian Mission volunteers. 


The women have a similar story bound by domestic violence. Anastasia's partner kicked her out to the street when she had eight months pregnancy. She contacted the New Life Christian Mission hotline for help, hoping to save her baby. 


"Many mothers who found themselves in difficult situations leaving their babies at maternity hospitals because they simply do not have the strength and ability to take responsibility for their newborn child. I didn't want the same fate for my son, so I turned for help to the volunteers of the New Life Mission", — says Anastasia.


At the maternity hospital she met Anna. Anna shared her story with Anastasia and said that she don't know what to do after the birth of her child. She says that she has nowhere to go because she was also kicked out into the street by her ex-boyfriend without any means of livelihood. Anastasia told her about New Life Christian Mission and the living conditions in the shelter and advised her to seek help. Anna decided not only to leave her child, but also to reconsider her values and even to change her life. She called manager of the shelter and her request was approved. Two women went to shelter from the maternity hospital together, calm and happy holding their young sons on their arms. Doctors reported that both boys were born completely healthy and doing well. 


At this moment the 'Mother and Child Home' has just one room for mothers with children who found themselves in difficult circumstances. It has everything — a crib, changing table, playpen, bath tubs and hygiene items. 


Our organization's hotline daily receives many calls with requests to give a shelter to pregnant women, young mothers and women with children who found themselves in the street — so that families would not separated and children would not taken away to orphanages when they have living parents. 


The 'Mother and Child Home' was scheduled to open at the end of this year, but due to a lack of funds the work was not completed on time. At the moment, interior works are underway at the orphanage and also montage works of  the plumbing, heating and electrical systems. With God's help, we hope to open the shelter, which will accommodate up to 50 children and 25 mothers next spring.  


We would be grateful to everyone who cares enough to contribute financially, with building materials or personal time to help the volunteers to build the house. 


Together we will do everything possible to prevent children from becoming orphans and parents from losing their children.

Deadline: 01.03.2022 Progress: UAH 3,536,174.00 / UAH 7,790,400.00

The Mother and Child House of Mercy

This house will have everything the kids need. The shelter is designed for about 64 spaces , as well as 25-30 mothers.