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We are building the 'Mother and Child Home' for such women.

"My name is Anastasia, and I am 27 years old. I grew up in a full loving family. They are living now in Hurghada city, Egypt. I moved to Egypt with parents but unfortunately I did not get accustomed to the climate conditions. I have also a five-year-old daughter by my ex-husband. Now she lives in Kiev with my grandmother and in a few months she will travel to my parents in Egypt for a while. 

We lived happily ever after, with no signs of trouble with my second husband for the first time. One day, he was fired from his job, and he had no choice but to take a job as a drug dealer, as our family was in debt, and we needed money urgently. There were more and more clients and my husband was no longer able to cope with the work and I decided to help him. It so happened that we started to consume "the goods" in between delivery. My husband was heavily addicted to the recent trendy psycho-traumatic drug called "salts", so I stopped recognizing him. A week ago, he thought I was plotting against him and decided to kick me out of the house. By the way, I am currently seven months pregnant.


Three days of literally living on the street, sleeping in tents under blankets, I prayed to God, and He heard me. My mother found out I was in trouble and thousands of miles away found a shelter for me. It turned out to be a rehabilitation center at "New Life" Christian Mission. It is very warm atmosphere and I feel very comfortable and safe here.  


My future son and I are waiting for the opening of the 'Mother and Child Home', which is currently under construction.

Deadline: 01.03.2022 Progress: UAH 3,536,174.00 / UAH 7,790,400.00

The Mother and Child House of Mercy

This house will have everything the kids need. The shelter is designed for about 64 spaces , as well as 25-30 mothers.