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Man has found hope

The on-duty volunteers of our mission, who led another patrol in the city, received a call from a worried woman. She said they have a person in a very serious condition who lives in the village and lives in hardship.

Our service car responded immediately to the call, and soon they arrived at the site. There we met a man in a very bad condition. After the first aid was given to him, he agreed to go to the shelter with us.

Sergei was a good blacksmith in his village Petrodolinskoye before his leg was amputated, but a tragedy happened in his life. In the accident his wife died, and, unable to cope with this loss, he started drinking. After he had finished working, Sergey drank,and before he got home, he fell asleep on the street and froze his leg. After his leg was amputated, a friend from the city took him in and started taking care of him. But they also started drinking together. Soon the companion's relatives took away and sold the house, and Sergey remained on the street with nothing. It is terrible how some people can be indifferent towards others in a difficult situation.
The mission happily helped Sergey and brought him to a shelter, and now he lives in good conditions and he is taken care of.

Author: Илона